Innovia Systems Verus™ H Handheld Polymer Note Validator

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Part number: VERUS H

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Innovia Systems Verus™ H Handheld Polymer Note Validator


Part number: VERUS H

The Verus™ H Handheld unit is the smallest device in the Verus range and has been developed primarily for the general public, transport operators and mobile police for ease of polymer note authentication.

Includes 1x lanyard and 1 x micro usb charging cable.

  • Low cost point of sale validation of polymer note authenticity
  • High degree of customer confidence in note circulation
  • Removal of threat of counterfeits at initial transaction point
  • Ease of use and immediate confirmation
  • Enhanced public awareness and note security
  • A simple swipe along the edge to authenticate the banknote
  • Recharge via USB cable

Will validate new Bank of England £5.00 note to be issued in September 2016

Currently authenticates 78 denominations in 24 countries worldwide...

2014 09 05 Verus 26


 Verus is a new range of devices from Innovia Systems specifically designed to authenticate Innovia Films Clarity™C Balanced Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BBOPP) film manufactured using their unique ‘bubble’ process. Clarity™C is the base material for all Guardian® polymer banknote substrate, manufactured by Innovia Security. Verus devices can detect the unique physical and optical characteristics of Clarity™C film. This means that if the note inserted into the device does not match these features, Verus will display a red light and produce an audible alert. Verus is therefore able to detect and confirm Clarity™C film, with any other unknown or suspicious polymer film types clearly being outsorted for further checking. Verus devices offer a high level of validation of the substrate and can be used as part of a broader security strategy. This in turn can build public and banking confidence in banknotes printed on Guardian® substrate.

All of the Verus devices are designed to: Check the authenticity of the currency Identify suspicious banknotes at the earliest transaction point Build confidence in the banknotes and their widespread deployment Provide comfort for new polymer users and support national education and communication strategy about new notes and materials Combat the threat of counterfeiting at all levels.

2014 09 05 Verus 48


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