VeriFone Battery VX670 and VX680 (24016-01-R and BPK268-001-A)

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Product Code: BATTERY/VERI/VX670680
Pack Size: 1
Weight: 2.003

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5-9 24.00
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VeriFone Battery VX680 and VX670: VeriFone part numbers: 24016-01-R and part number BPK268-001-A

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VeriFone Battery VX680 and VX670 mobile portable terminals.

Product code: BATTERY/VERI/VX670680

VeriFone Battery VX680 and VX670: VeriFone part numbers: 24016-01-R and part number BPK268-001-A

Original VeriFone branded battery sourced directly from VeriFone.

Black casing.

Rating: 13Wh, DC 7.2v, 1800mAh

Can be used with the VeriFone fully-featured charging base for simultaneous terminal and additional spare battery charging..

For your first use, please charge for a minimum of 6 hours to prolong battery life and charging potential.

If you prefer to charge directly from the mains charger, and not use the charging base, you will need to use the VeriFone adapter cable 

VeriFone charging cable adaptor, mini-usb to mini-jack, click here: VX670/VX680 DC adaptor cable


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