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Whether you are looking for standard paper till rolls, or thermal paper rolls, Retail Gurus is available to provide a competitive price, bulk discounts and speedy delivery.  So whatever you paper till roll needs are, take a look at our product range as we have paper rolls to suit all credit card terminals, tills, cash registers, kitchen printers and POS devices. Thermal, A grade, 2ply, 3ply, and a range of colours.

Printing also available. All our rolls are approved by the machine manufacturers. 

Why paper till rolls?

Paper rolls are a sure-fire way of giving your customer a receipt, quickly and efficiently. Till rolls like ours are cut to specific measurements and fit accordingly, into your cash register or hand held credit card machine for portable printing. Regular paper rolls of this type are quite different and unlike thermal till paper, which is printed with heat, need an ink cartridge to print effectively. Thermal till rolls don't because they have a special chemical layer on the surface of the paper, and printing can be achieved with special print head that exerts heat in the print, allowing blistering print speeds without any fading. Till rolls are a very important method of providing a receipt to the customer which in turn, can help generate repeat purchases.

They have been produced and manufactured to fit perfectly in your machine. There will be no need to waste paper getting them to fit, or experience any jamming of the print mechanism.

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