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For the Retailer who wants more flexibility and capability from their PoS system than offered by a basic PoS system we are pleased to be able offer iZenPoS, from iZenGlobal Limited a division of AMCCIT. This software solution has been designed and developed to meet the needs of any size and/or complexity of Retailer. The primary objective is to allow you to run your Business the way you want, at a price you can afford – and expand as your Business grows.

iZenPoS is one of the most comprehensive Retail  Management software solutions available. It has been designed to meet the needs any retailer from the smallest to the largest, from single to multiple stores, from owner-managed to Franchised, from Butchers to Hairdressers, from DIY to hospitality, from store-based to Web-based.  Interact and be responsive with your clients the way they wish to at brick & mortar or over the internet via smartphone and web-store.

iZenGlobal has over 20 years experience of Retail software development combining the power of a physical PoS terminal, or terminals, and a Web-based Business Portal.

iZenPos is fully supported on the MePoS Terminal range. It is also capable of being installed and operated on almost any PC-based terminal which has a current, supported operating system installed.

Should you choose the MePoS Terminals, they are preconfigured before delivery to your store. The iZenPoS software is automatically downloaded and installed from the iZenPortal. You enter your Store Name and other basic details using a simple procedure once the software is automatically installed. There is no need for expensive consulting.  Training and support is offered using the iZenPortal.

The iZenPoS pricing model is based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) payable monthly in advance. It is based on the number of terminals and the number of software modules you need to run your Business. You can easily add more terminals and more modules as your Business grows.

iZenPOS has all the functionality of the proven POSPORTAL point of sale system and all the features expected of a large desktop point of sale system, with the flexibility of a browser. The iZenPOSis available on:

  • iPads
  • Windows-based devices
  • Android tablets
  • Point of sale terminals.



Easy to set up, easy to use

iZenPOS is easy to set-up and customise for even the most challenging of business requirements. Download configurations from the AMCCIT Portal ASP using the iPad's UDID or tablet's identity. iZenPOS automatically connects to the AMCCIT Portal ASP back office, accessing and updating the Portal ASP database in real time.





iZenPOS devices can be grouped in a site or company automatically, to instantly receive configuration, product, operator & other updates. They can function as:

- Single standalone devices for a site.

- A network of iPad/tablet devices within the same site, connecting either to a local network computer or other AMCCIT POSPORTAL terminals via wi-fi.

- iZenPOS provides a clean, intuitive interface with simple-to-use buttons and a pleasing look and feel.


iZenPOS allows either single or multiple operators to use the same device in either:

- Cashier mode, where a single operator acts as cashier for the terminal and any associated cash drawer.

- Sales Assistant mode, where multiple operators log into the same iPad/tablet device to make sales.


Packed with features and functionality

iZenPOS contains many features and tools to maximise your business sales and point of sales investment:

  • In-built 1D & 2D barcode scanning using the iPad/tablet front or back camera.
  • Supports dedicated and shared printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners and many other peripherals including magnetic strip readers using Bluetooth, network or wireless communications.
  • Powerful search functions allow you to quickly find items, customers and debtors.
  • Flexible tendering options including EFTPOS, credit cards, debtor accounts, vouchers or cash.
  • Print, email or SMS receipts to customers.
  • Discount controls at item and subtotal levels.
  • Support for table service, customer orders and more.


Flexible and secure

The iZenPOS cloud solution provides maximum flexibility and mobility for businesses with and without bricks-and-mortar, by connecting to its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) back-office environments anywhere via any form of internet connection (LAN, wi-fi, 3G or dongle-based). Offline options are also available including caching and preloading products. All data securely encrypted with 128-bit encryption.


iZenPOS is suitable for:

  • Speciality retail stores
  • Restaurants, hotel bars, liquor stores
  • Fast food & convenience stores
  • Food courts
  • Franchise stores
  • Airport retail management
  • Department stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Fashion stores
  • Sportswear stores
  • Leisure clubs
  • Mobile phone kiosks and stores
  • Electrical stores
  • Store-within-Stores

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