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Product Code: 4010-020-42PK
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Product code: 4010-020-42PK

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Addressograph Bartizan Premium Manual Card Imprinter Backup Starter Pack

Product code: 4010-020-42PK

Whether as a backup to your electronic terminal or for taking payments when you're out and about, our premium manual card imprinter backup pack contains all you need to process card payments manually.

If your'e looking for the clearest imprint possible and an imprinter that's designed to take years of use and abuse then the premium starter pack makes a lot of sense.

Compared to our regular backup pack which uses the model 4850 imprinter the premium backup pack uses our heavy duty model 4000 unit as used by many national retailers and petrol forecourt customers. 

Model 4000

-Inked rollers for clear immediate imprint.
-Die cast handle assembly tight tolerance and high strength.
-Incorporates ball bearings for smooth and long lasting mechanism. 


Be prepared in case of:

  • Power failure
  • Mobile phone signal failure
  • Wi-Fi Failure
  • Problems with your merchant acquiring bank.

Kit includes:

1x Manual credit card imprinter.

1 x Embossed plate to print your company details onto the sales slip.

1 x Pack of 50 2-part sales vouchers.

Please use the boxes provided to add your plate embossing details.

Characters available:

Numbers         0-9
Punctuation     ;  ,  .  /  '  -  &

Please note that we are not able to include the or # signs.

You are free to specify whatever information you wish on your merchant plate, however the standard layout is:

Line 1: Merchant number

Line 2: Company name

Line 3: Town

Whatever is included on your plate will show on all copies of the sales vouchers that you imprint. As a result it's an opportunity to include customer service or contact information that might be useful to your customer in the future.

As a result many people choose to add additional information such as: phone number, vat and company reg numbers or postal address.

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