57x50 mm Thermal POS Till Cash Paper Rolls, Box of 20 by iZen™

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Product Code: ROLLSTH5750
Pack Size: 20
Weight: 1.983

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57x50 thermal paper rolls, 20 rolls per box.

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Credit card machine, cash register paper. Box of 20 thermal paper, 57 x 50 x 12.7. For Spire Payments T4210, T4220, M4230, M4240, VeriFone VX510, VX610, Xchequer, Xtreme, Ingenico i5100, TT41, TT42, i7770, i7780. 57x50 thermal paper rolls.

Product Code: ROLLSTH5750

57x50 thermal paper rolls, 20 rolls per box.

If you use this paper currently, and are likely to be changing or upgrading soon, we recommend that you take our thermal 57 x 40 sized paper, as this fits into a wider range of the newer terminals on the market.

This high quality thermal paper is manufactured in the UK and offer a smooth operation and clear printing. Because thermal paper is coated in a chemical which reacts when heated, it does not require an ink ribbon cartridge which saves you money and time. Thermal paper prints quicker, with a clean print finish with no ink smudges or fading. Thermal paper rolls are the ideal receipt application in use for cash registers, portable credit card machines, POS and EPOS Tills.

Specially made to ensure smooth operation in:

Ingenico i5100, Ingenico 7770, Ingenico i7780, Ingenico i7790, Ingenico TT41 (thermal), Ingenico TT42

Spire Payments T4210, Spire Payments T4220, Spire Payments M4230, Spire Payments M4240

VeriFone VX510, Verifone VX610, VeriFone Xchequer, Dione Xchequer, VeriFone Xtreme, Dione Xtreme

First Data Clover Mini, Clover Mobile

If you need guidance, click here to read our article on thermal roll sizes. 

TH5750, TH57502, TH5748, TH57482, 57x50

Suitable for:

Fortronic 5100 Fortronic 7100 Fortronic 7300
Fortronic 7770 Fortronic ELITE Ingenico 710
Ingenico 730 Ingenico ELITE Hypercom ICE5500
Hypercom T2100 Hypercom M2100 Verifone Omni 3740
Verifone Omni 3750 Natwest Xchequer Citizen CBM270
Citizen CBM291 Axiohm A630 Axiohm A631
Axiohm A632 Axiohm A621 Axiohm A711
Hypercom Optimum M2100 Hypercom Optimum T2100 Uniwell PX 5700
Axalto Magic 6100 Ingenico i7810 Ingenico i7910
Samsung ER-380 Samsung ER-5570 Gemalto Magic 6100
Hypercom M4240 Hypercom M4230 Hypercom T4210
Hypercom T4220 Citizen CMP-10/BT Citizen CBM-291/293
Magic 6000 Spire T4220 Spire M4230
Spire M4240 Spire T4230 Barclaycard Eclipse

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