Addressograph Bartizan 4000 Flatbed Imprinter

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4000 flatbed imprinters

£35.00 Excludes VAT
£42.00 Including VAT

Product Code: 4010-020-42
Pack Size: 1
Weight: 2.003

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5-9 33.00
10+ 32.00

Addressograph Bartizan p/no. 4010-020-42

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Addressograph Bartizan 4000 Flatbed Imprinter

 Addressograph Bartizan p/no. 4010-020-42

The Addressograph model 4000 is a mid-range flatbed imprinter, with integrated ink roller, recommended for frequent use.

Superior build quality with ball bearing rollers, aluminium chassis and sturdy construction compared to our model 4850.

Once adjusted to the correct imprint settings, the rollers will give the same perfect imprint for a million cycles, and the space-saving handle design allows for easy storage.

Don't forget to order your embossed merchant plate and a stock of sales vouchers too!

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